Our Board Sign Promotion Opportunity

We  specialize in providing busy restaurants and other locations with our “Custom Community Directory Wall Displays” inside their facilities. We provide these locations with beautiful wall display welcoming customers to their restaurant!  

You know how when you go into a restaurant, a lot of times they have a place where you can put your business cards up? 

What we’re doing is kind of a Cadillac version of that. Directly beneath the locations welcome display are a few select businesses in the local area. The ads are protected with plastic and the entire display has a beautiful gold frame border.

The ad is usually a full color version of their business card or a nice customized display that we create for you! 

What I like best is that there is a plastic business card holder in the lower corner of your display so people can pick up a card, take it home, and call you later!

If you would be receptive to the idea please contact Jeff Drake for more information. 

Jeff Drake can put together a promotion program highlighting locations that target your specific market and let you know of other opportunities that we offer in your area!

Jeff Drake’s cell is 513-430-5581 or feel free to send us an inquiry through our “Contact Us” form.

We look forward to hearing from you!